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New paper in Phys Rev E

02/08/2016 | Albert

Replicator dynamics with diffusion on multiplex networks

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3 new doctors in the ClabB

22/07/2016 | Albert

New doctors

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Paper appeared in Royal Society Open Science

13/07/2016 | Albert

Active and reactive behaviour in human mobility: the influence of attraction points on pedestrians

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New paper in Nature Physics

06/07/2016 | Kolja

Our paper Hidden geometric correlations in real multiplex networks was published in Nature Physics

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Universitat de Barcelona Institute of Complex Systems

04/07/2016 | Albert

ClabB is part of the new Universitat de Barcelona Institute of Complex Systems

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Ebrahim Karam internship

09/06/2016 | Albert

Ebrahim Karam joins the group for an internship of 2 months

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ClabB gets new funding from MICINN

01/03/2016 | Albert

Success in the last call

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New paper accepted in Nature communications

03/12/2015 | Pol Colomer

New paper accepted in Nature communications about quantifying randomness in real networks

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New funding for networking

29/11/2015 | Albert

The ClabB participates in 3 new funded networking projects

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05/11/2015 | Nikos E Kouvaris

multiNetX is a python package for the manipulation and visualization of multilayer networks. The core of this package is a MultilayerGraph, a class that inherits all properties from networkx.Graph(). This allows for: Creating networks with weighted or unweighted links (only undirected networks are supported in this version) Analysing the spectral properties of adjacency or Laplacian matrices Visualizing dynamical processes by coloring the nodes and links accordingly

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