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Nikos Kouvaris

23/04/2013 |

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Post-doctoral positions available (CLOSED)

08/10/2012 |

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Self-similarity explains the absence of a percolation threshold in complex networks

31/03/2011 |

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Post-doctoral positions. Ramon y Cajal and Juan de la Cierva Programs

05/02/2011 |

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complexitat.CAT is here

24/03/2010 | Physcomp2

Catalan network for the study of complex systems. Check upcoming events at

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Systems biology of a small bacterium: lessons for complexity

27/11/2010 |

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New paper on Nature Communications

30/09/2010 |

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Luce Prignano

25/03/2009 |

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PhD position available (CLOSED)

01/01/1970 | Physcomp2

PhD position for doing research on complex networks. Please contact

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