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Complex Systems Science

Complex Systems Science is a cross-disciplinary endeavor, linking researchers in physics, computer science, and mathematics with applications in diverse areas such as information and communication technologies, epidemiology, social sciences, economics, and many more. The discovery of the laws governing the structure and dynamics of complex systems is one of the greatest challenges of modern science. These systems are characterized by the presence of different levels of self-organization, each determining the behavior of the next. One of the most important properties of complex systems is the impossibility to predict their overall behavior from the knowledge of the properties of their components. Understanding and predicting the behavior of these systems is of great importance in contexts as diverse as socio-economic, biological or technological fields. The science of complex systems not only provides a way to answer open questions, but also promotes a new language and concepts that will allow the tackling of many current and pressing problems. 


recent publications

Optimal cost tuning of frustration: Achieving desired states in the Kuramoto-Sakaguchi model

Gemma Rosell-Tarragó and Albert Díaz-Guilera
Physical Review E 103 012216 (2021)


Quasi-symmetries in complex networks: a dynamical model approach

Gemma Rosell-Tarragó and Albert Díaz-Guilera
Journal of Complex Networks 9 cnab025 (2021)


Modeling partial lockdowns in multiplex networks using partition strategies

Adrià Plazas, Irene Malvestio, Michele Starnini & Albert Díaz-Guilera
Applied Network Science 6 27 (2021)


Functionability in complex networks: Leading nodes for the transition from structural to functional networks through remote asynchronization

Gemma Rosell-Tarrago, Albert Diaz-Guilera
Chaos 30 013105 (2020)


Benchmarking seeding strategies for spreading processes in social networks: an interplay between influencers, topologies and sizes

Montes, F.; Jaramillo, A.M.; Meisel, J.D.; Diaz-Guilera, A.; Valdivia, J.A.; Sarmiento, O.L.; Zarama, R.
Scientific Reports 10 3666 (2020)


Flocking-enhanced social contagion

Demian Levis, Albert Diaz-Guilera, Ignacio Pagonabarraga, and Michele Starnini
Phys Rev Research 2 032056 (2020)


Comparing spatial networks: A one-size-fits-all efficiency-driven approach

Ignacio Morer, Alessio Cardillo, Albert Díaz-Guilera, Luce Prignano, and Sergi Lozano
Physical Review E 101 042301 (2020)