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New paper in Physical Review X

Phys. Rev. X   |  09 / 29 / 2014

Online social networks offer a data-driven way to study patterns of human behavior on small and large scales. Researchers have shown that individuals are significantly more likely to enroll in social networks based on the influence of one active friend than the influence of mass-media campaigns. Read the paper. Check the videos here and here

Complex architecture of primes and natural numbers

NewScientist   |  10 / 08 / 2014

Is there a pattern behind prime numbers? This is one of the biggest questions in mathematics. Now networks that reproduce relationships between primes and non-primes could point the way to an answer. Read the paper.

Cosmological networks

M. Boguñá   |  10 / 24 / 2013

The causal structure of observers uniformly scattered in an open FLRW universe is a growing scale-free network