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New paper in Nature Physics. Renormalization Group for Complex Networks

M. BoguƱƔ publications 21/03/2018

We use the geometry underlying real complex networks to define a renormalization group. Check the paper here

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macfang workshops 06/11/2017

Mapping Complexity. Foundations and Applications of Network Geometry
Barcelona | November 6 – 8, 2017

Full details can be found at our website We kindly ask for your cooperation in spreading the word by forwarding this e-mail and retweeting our posts @macfang17. Hope to meet you next November in Barcelona!

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World Trade Atlas 1870-2013

M. BoguƱƔ applications 01/03/2017

We present the World Trade Atlas 1870-2013, a collection of annual world trade maps in which distances incorporate the different dimensions that affect international trade, beyond mere geography. The atlas provides us with information regarding the long-term evolution of the international trade system and demonstrates that, in terms of trade, the world is not flat, but hyperbolic. You can check the evolution of world trade in this interactive video tool

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New paper in Nature Communications

Nature Physics Research Highlights, A. Klopper publications 01/03/2017

The old maxim that it's less about what you know than who you know is an appropriate analogy for how the behaviour of a complex network can be profoundly influenced by the weights of its links. Read more

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New paper in Nature Physics

M BoguƱƔ publications 01/02/2017

We show that multiplex systems are not random combinations of single network layers. Instead, they are organized in specific ways dictated by hidden geometric correlations between the layers.

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Postdoctoral position available (closed)

redacciĆ³n advices 06/03/2015

We invite applications for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate (1+1 years) in Network Science-Mapping Complexity at the University of Barcelona (Spain). The successful candidate will be required to join us in the investigation of complex networks embedded in hidden metric spaces to get insights into the connection between the structure and function in biological complex systems.

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Postdoctoral position available (closed)

M. BoguƱƔ advices 10/11/2014

Universitat de Barcelona announces the availability of one Marie-Curie experienced researcher position in Online Social Networking technologies with a focus on structure and evolution of social networks and their navigability properties (code: iSocial-UB-ER4)

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