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LASAGNE Conference

01/09/2015   |   M Chavez   |   lasagne

As part of the dissemination strategy of the project, external scientific personalities were invited to give a talk in the conference. Research fields of invited speakers were related to projects of the FET Proactive Initiative, Dynamics of Multi-Level Complex Systems (DyM- CS). The invited speakers were

  • Prof Alex Arenas (Departament dEnginyeria Informtica i Matematiques, Universitat Rovira i Virgili): Recent advances in multilayer complex networks
  • Renaud Lambiotte (Department of Mathematics, University of Namur): Non-Markovian dynamics on Networked Systems
  • Jesus Gomez-Gardeñes (Physics Departement, University of Zaragoza): Urban Mobility, Social Status and Contagion Processes

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